U.S. Supreme Court To Rule On Gay Marriage In June 2015

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Well folks, it’s finally come down to the wire!! On Thursday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld same sex marriage bans in 4 states, and the U.S. Supreme Court has said that it will hear arguments in April and release a decision in June. In the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case, cases from 14 states will be combined into one case for the ruling. I’m worried about Justice Kennedy though. Even though he has become more conservative in recent years, he’s still a wild card in general…but seemingly more liberal on gay marriage. I pray that …

Equally Image-bearers of the Lord

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It’s a real blessing to have a manager that you not only connect deeply with on important things in life such as home schooling, natural birth, essential oils, and that culture all together but will just sit down and casually chat with you. And so what God did in my heart is to help me to love women simply because they are worthy of love, to enjoy their company and who they are. These last two years here I was always curious about his home school years, growing up crunchy, growing up in the natural birth community, and just his …

Woman, Sustainer Beside Him

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“And the LORD God said, “It is not good for the human to be alone, I shall make him a sustainer beside him.” I’ve always loved Robert Alter’s translation of “woman” in Genesis as being a “sustainer beside him”, a critical partner in the oneness of man and woman—one who sustains and actively intervenes for the other. A true partnership, not “help meet” as in other translations that seem to convey an indentured servitude for a woman. “sustainer beside him. The Hebrew ‘ezer kenegdo (King James Version “help meet”) is notoriously difficult to translate. The second term means “alongside him,” …

Flying High, Far Below Heaven

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This sickens me. This is truly saddening. What a squandering of the money that the Lord has blessed them with and the donations that their followers have given to them. How many Bibles could’ve been purchased for the lost or real missionaries could’ve been financed to the lost ends of the Earth with the funds that one of these planes burns on just one trip? Kenneth Copeland: “With the shape the airliners are in, we just couldn’t get there from here.” Oh I don’t know, flying commercial—ya know, what us lowly village folk do—has worked out pretty well for Billy …

Man’s Mind, Less Than Yahweh’s Mind

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“If Christ submitted to Scripture and lived His life under its authority, then we are faced with a stark choice. Either we believe Christ and embrace the entire Bible as our own absolute authority, or we reject both Christ and the Bible as impostors. The authority of one is inextricably bound up with the other.” ~ Pastor Don Landis, Community Bible Church Article Link: Seven Compelling Evidences Confirm the Bible Is True A great article here, and a wonderful quote of truth. Whether I’m discussing with someone the truth of the 6 day creation account in Genesis or the fallacy …

Answer Social Media Unfriending & Unfollowing With Christ’s Love

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I was being called to honor others more than myself, to not let selfishness or pride be my guide. I was being called to love as Christ loved. Tonight is a night of lessons for me to learn, and I figured I would give a peak into the journey of my heart when hurt tonight—how the sausage was made. Pardon the metaphor, my Messianic Jewish friends. Social media continues to be a challenging battleground to show Christ’s love towards others—for all of us. The very human battle I experienced tonight was that I discovered that someone I had considered a …

Boarding At Platform 9 3/4

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After 5 years of prayer, darkness, depression, running from memories that brought me joy, gallivanting with memories that sowed hurt and anger, and failure to compartmentalize, my heart has been healed. I wondered when that day would come, or would I just stay seated on the train platform bench occasionally looking over my ticket for some glimmer of release.