Vote Early and Vote Often!!

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Totally get out and vote! If we are cynical of the current status of our government then we must be even more cynical of not voting, because not voting guarantees that that which we claim that we hate stays in place and becomes worse. However, if we don’t vote because we are cynical then I would argue that it’s not a cynicism with the intent of improving things but being cynical for the sake of being cynical, which is apathy that is destructive. Continue to have hope! Don’t raise the white flag and surrender to the very politicians you don’t …

Life Principle—Dying With Dignity, Choosing To Live Through Every Circumstance

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dig·ni·ty /ˈdiɡnədē/ noun the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. I’m thinking about Brittany Maynard out in Oregon who committed suicide this last weekend. Yes, that is what she did. Let us not change the language in order to shrink away from the horrible reality that is the consequences of our actions. Words have meaning and running away from a word’s meaning does not change the nature of what you do. Do you know why? Because a word’s meaning is derived from it’s nature, it’s nature is not derived from a word’s meaning. “being worthy of …

Xanga Blog Archive | New Online Journal

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No more xanga. My new journal: and a sweet program you can use to post entries without going to the website: its been real guys. two years in fact. but hey, its time to move on. swing by my new journal though, and join has some preatty sweet features. i have hangman and paper-rock-scissors on mine that you can play. and a cool picture slideshow. see ya next life time. or next weekend. lol.

Xanga Blog Archive | Computer Business Site Launched

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another night of Sliders, some good ol’ fashioned sci-fi. FINALLY. my biz site is done. after months, and days upon days of research and myself a crash course in html..and a lot of juggling, my online store is up and running. so check it out and let me know what you think: tomorrow my online advertising goes up so pray that im blessed with some business. i only started this biz to get out of debt. i have absolutely no desire for it to become an empire. im plum happy keeping it small and being able to still …

Xanga Blog Archive | Captain N: The Game Master

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The best cartoon created: Captain N – The Game Master god i loved this show. if you were an NES addict in ’89 then you camped in front of the tv on sat mornings to see this. Here’s the story:  a vidgame playing kid gets sucked into his tv, poltergeist style, into the world ‘Videoland’ to battle arch enemies from the NES classics. the guy’s weapon was an NES gun and he had an NES controller as a belt buckle that let him pause time and move really fast. god it was awesome. some of the guys on his team were Mega …

Xanga Blog Archive | Teeth Nightmare

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you see, this is why im ocd about my teeth. had another nightmare about my teeth falling out. except this time it was because i had aids..and i got it with a few friends of mine no less…im glad i left out the details on that one. my managers are pretty cool. they approved my vacation in december and january..a time of the month that NO ONE is supposed to take off. so im going to get them some goodies from the philippines. seriously though, im really too tired to say anymore so im out. later.

Xanga Blog Archive | Agnew Castle, Scotland

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phuong. phuong. phuong. what am i going to do with you. so at best buy tonight me and phuong are standing there talking about my website. and our manager Herb walks by. well, phuong jokingly blurts out “hey did you know stephen’s starting a business to compete with best buy? yeah he has a website and he only needs to finish a few more pages. he’s selling laptops and stuff..” Herb laughs and im thinking “HOLY SHIT” but my mouth says “man whatever phuong..” and i laugh jokingly with him. and phuong was like “hey whats the website again??” and …