Making The Leap—DSLR to Mirrorless Camera

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It’s been a year in the making, saving my hard-earned pennies, but as of today I’ve graduated from intro DSLRs to professional DSLRs with my first full frame mirrorless camera. Why this one specifically? For years now I’ve been wanting to enhance my astrophotography for when I photograph the milky way galaxy, moon, stars, and any shots at night. I have done very in-depth research over the last year as well into the offerings out there and the Sony a7S II has been getting across the board rave reviews for how amazing it shoots in low light. It was a …

Consider Others More Than Yourself

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Life Principle: Treat others with respect and be considerate of them and they will be much more likely to treat you with respect and be considerate. You should be considerate of others simply because it’s the right thing to do. A week ago I returned a vacuum cleaner to Best Buy that I had a warranty on and the customer service person was thrilled beyond measure that I put labels on the vacuum cleaner with all of the warranty information. It’s a bit of an OCD thing for me but I also used to work retail and so I know …

Woman, Sustainer Beside Him

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“And the LORD God said, “It is not good for the human to be alone, I shall make him a sustainer beside him.” I’ve always loved Robert Alter’s translation of “woman” in Genesis as being a “sustainer beside him”, a critical partner in the oneness of man and woman—one who sustains and actively intervenes for the other. A true partnership, not “help meet” as in other translations that seem to convey an indentured servitude for a woman. “sustainer beside him. The Hebrew ‘ezer kenegdo (King James Version “help meet”) is notoriously difficult to translate. The second term means “alongside him,” …

Agnew Clan—Auld Lang Syne

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Those folks who know me best know that I have a deep love and reverence for my family’s rich Scottish ancestry from Robert the Bruce to Lochnaw Castle, ours is a long story indeed. And so it’s for all of the members of the Agnew Clan, both near and far—and any other Scotsman and Scotswoman that I dedicate ‘Auld Lang Syne’ to, beginning 2016 on a Celtic melody. Bagpipes? Yes, please.  

2016—A Pleasant Start

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Starting off the New Year with a positive, I’ve successfully gotten myself in the groove of regularly writing on my blog. Truth be told, I cheated a bit. I’ve been blogging regularly for a week or so in order for me to be in the groove by New Years Day. I enjoy it much more than Facebook actually. You don’t have the “social” disgruntlement, trolling of “Likes”, and annoying ads that have nothing to do with any of my interests. It hits at the core of what writing is for me as well—writing for myself, to impress what’s in my …

Equally Image-bearers of the Lord

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It’s a real blessing to have a manager that you not only connect deeply with on important things in life such as home schooling, natural birth, essential oils, and that culture all together but will just sit down and casually chat with you. And so what God did in my heart is to help me to love women simply because they are worthy of love, to enjoy their company and who they are. These last two years here I was always curious about his home school years, growing up crunchy, growing up in the natural birth community, and just his …

Women & Men—How Differently Our Books Are Bound

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I’ve been thinking here lately about how words impact women much deeper than they affect men (and had a great conversation with a couple of women friends about it), which really shed some light into an observation that I’ve had for a long time by just paying attention to my women friends and men friends who are fellow bibliophiles—reading/listening to books has a much different impact on women than it does to men. Words captivate women in ways that us men cannot fully experience. Stay with me, I’ll make sense soon enough. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ A …

It Is Neither Loving Nor Compassionate To Harm Others While Helping Some

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Article: Paris massacre ringleader used migrant crisis to get into France, PM says Because it is neither compassionate nor loving to hurt others in the name of helping some. Life Principle: It is neither loving nor compassionate to harm others while helping some. This is a good principle to remember in all areas of life when you decide who to help and who not to. It’s very easy for our emotions to lead us down the wrong path and make unwise decisions. Don’t put others in danger by helping someone, because in reality by hurting others in the process you’re …

U.S. Supreme Court To Rule On Gay Marriage In June 2015

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Well folks, it’s finally come down to the wire!! On Thursday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld same sex marriage bans in 4 states, and the U.S. Supreme Court has said that it will hear arguments in April and release a decision in June. In the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case, cases from 14 states will be combined into one case for the ruling. I’m worried about Justice Kennedy though. Even though he has become more conservative in recent years, he’s still a wild card in general…but seemingly more liberal on gay marriage. I pray that …