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you know, i haven’t written in my online journal at in 2 months so the chances of me writing in here are slim…………but since im here, might as well say something.

my friend’s wanting to introduce me to this Egyptian chick he knows…i don’t know…its like me and black girls…i don’t like black girls. they’re either fat or hot…no in-betweens. and really, i don’t want to be with a black chick cuz if we marry and have kids, then my kids will be connected to that culture…of which i won’t allow.

and nothing against Egyptians but i just can’t see myself with an Arab…im not racist, i just have racial preferences for practical reasons (does not wanting to chance being linked to terrorists count as a practical reason?)…i have no problems with being with a white person or even a mexican (for the most part…depends though)…….but i do have HIGH standards for white chicks though. i’ve been around them for so long that it takes a lot to prick my interest. and i definately have no probs with asians, as long as they’re Americanized and such so we actually have stuff in common.

so im trying to watch the Prez debate tonight and my friends come into my room, knowing im watching it and they talk to me for 45 minutes…and really about a lot of stuff that i witnessed with them………my friends just drive me nutts sometimes. and to add to it, my friend of color, Cordell, takes it upon himself to sift through my desk, grab my toenail clippers, and clip his toenails on my bed…in MY room. im trying to watch tv and i find myself snapping my neck back everytime i hear him clip…and whats worse is that he gathers the clippings onto my desk. i had enough and i just said “you know what, just toss them on the floor, i have to vacuuuum anyway…”

anyway, so today was cool…im just not sure what all to say right now…i feel great after getting that out of my system…i only signed up for this to see if it was better than…still haven’t decided though……even though i already paid the $25 for a year of “premium” service…and i mean the quotes in the strongest possible sense……….




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