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well, chillin at work waiting for lunch…a #6 at Arbys sounds so good right now…not much to say here beyond that. im trying to gather donations to get a pool table and a ping pong table to add to our foozeball table and air hockey table here at work…a bank can never have too many game tables, eh?

i go to the doctor last week for my first check up in 10 years…i figured it was time to get an update. im ultra paranoid about losing my hair when im older because all the men in my family are bald. so i talk to the doctor and he says that hair loss is caused by too much testosterone in the system…and he tells me that he could stop any hair loss but he’ll have to cut off my testicles…………………………not having it. i’ll go with whats behind door #2 please………..

so im looking at some online Canadian pharmacies to check out drug prices and i can never get enough of hearing Canadians talk so i call them up..heh, heh…God bless Canadians, eh?

im really out of stuff to talk about, hence the pointless jab at Canadians…but they’re such easy targets, just like the French…well, the French are actually harder targets since they’re always running away…..

– “fire ze missiles!!

– “but i am le tired..”




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