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eh, my friends are way too pushy with me meeting this Egyptian chick. but i do have to admit, the more i hear about her the more interested in meeting her i become. so we’re going haunted housing on saturday and they INSIST that i go on saturday with them and “oh, btw, we’re inviting the Egyptian chick to come too..”. so im like “fine, ill meet the girl..”. i just don’t like being pressured to meet a girl and have this anticipation on if we’ll hook up or not. i just want to meet her, get to know her, hang out, and just see where it goes from there. besides, when it comes to meeting new girls for the sole purpose of dating them…ill just say that im not a big fan of that. i’d like to just get to know them without any expectation of something happening, you know? dating is so over-rated…you have to deal with expectations, the other person putting on a front, yada yada yada. when you’re only friends then the real person comes out. besides, half of me really just wants to be single right now. but i think its mainly this ‘setting me up’ thing that bothers me. i don’t mind meeting her but i don’t want any expectations as far as it going anywhere from there, you know?

maybe im thinking too much and i just need to meet this girl. im often scolded for thinking too much, analyzing too deeply. but she’s Roman Catholic which makes me suspicious…now that im thinking about it, that makes me less entusiastic about the whole thing. if her and i don’t believe the same thing then it would never work out. so yah, her Christian faith would be a really big factor in if i want to get involved with her at all, and I’m not a big fan of Roman Catholic teaching across the board…hence me being protestant…yah, Luther’s ‘little’ skirmish with the Catholic Church happened for a reason…

so, on a happier note, im looking to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks in the summer…im thinking June. I have a friend that lives in Honolulu so that’s my likely destination. Brit, you’ve been to Hawaii so give me Hawaiian travel advice. I would much rather go skiing but none of my friends are really down for it…and im not about to go alone. Aw the mountains…how i miss thee…so hotel is going to kill me though…idealy I would like to stay with her family while im there like i did when i went to Thailand for 2 weeks. but who knows. we’ve been really good friends for quite some time now so she might be down for that. besides, staying at someone’s house is soooo much more fun than in a hotel…i had a blast at my friend’s house in Thailand…heh heh, her mom thought i’d be blonde hair/blue eyes but when she saw me she thought I was Mexican….go figure…aw the memories…

the only thing is that im not a big fan of the ocean. there’s just so much water and its so dang deep. but the thing that freaks me out the most about the ocean are sharks…yah, i remember the Hawaiian girl last year who got her arm ripped off by a Great White…not cool at all. but yah, im so going to learn how to surf while im there…even if it costs me an arm and a leg…or a torso…….




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17 years ago

Deep waters where it is completely dark blue and no visible ground… definately scary.  I went to Florida and jet skiied waaaaay out into the ocean.  Way scary AND it keeps you from falling off.  Haha!

17 years ago

yeah i totally get ya on the whole wanting to be friends first when dating people. it’s just so complicated as it is. as for hawaii. i had a blast there. i think you’d like it. i don’t even like the ocean very much but i still had fun. it’s expensive tho. if you’ve got the mula then why not? heh. as for the mountains. i will DEF go with you. i’ve been wanting to go skiing so bad for so long. but anywho…ttyl buddy.