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aah, a bright new day. yesterday was pretty fun. cordell, myself, and Lisa’s family went to some Chinese buffet in Irving for dinner…they had ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI! i ate a bit too much and my stomach started to shut down later at the haunted house…i think i ate some really bad chicken. then we just hung out at my place waiting for everyone to show up to go haunted housing. Christine, the Egyptian girl, was a no show yesterday. she called Lisa earlier in the day and said that something came up and she couldn’t go with us. and come to think of it, no one from Lisa’s work that she invited came. so, it was just my normal crowd of friends, which was equally as cool. we all don’t get to get together often so that was nice. not sure how im going to meet Christine in a casual way but im sure something else will come up. who knows, i might visit Lisa at work and ‘just happen’ to meet Christine.

so, while we were waiting for everyone Brit called wanting to know if i wanted to go haunted housing. well since i was planning on us going sometime in the next couple of weeks, last night was prob the best time. so i figured that since my friends were also going haunted housing that Brit and i would join them. btw Brit, great media tech vid..haha, great jap commercial. we met up at a friend’s house and headed to ‘Boneyard’ from there. i’ve gotta get myself some flip-flops now. Brit and I switched shoes so that her feet didn’t get stepped on in the haunted house and i swear her flip-flops felt so comfy. ive always been paranoid about wearing flip-flops because most people i see with flip-flops have the nastiest feet. your feet look great Brit so im not referring to yours  🙂  (is not complimenting someone’s feet the oddest compliment?) i’ve always been quite paranoid about my feet being exposed for long periods…but im loving it now. thanks to Brit for my conversion!

well we get into the ‘Boneyard’ and there’s a waiting room with games and such so we hang out there, play some old school games…and Brit beats me at air hockey…ha, only because i scored on myself! so we go through the haunted house. it was pretty lame, i must admit. i MAYBE would’ve paid $8 for it…def not the $15 we did. but it was fun none the less…we just couldn’t help laughing at their attempts to scare us…it was just too easy. but i came out with my feet intact. after i dropped Brit off we all met up at Fridays for some grubbin.

so, good times, good times.




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