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i should be sleeping but i can’t find it in me to do so. man, before i do something physical i need to make sure i can actually pull it off before i do it…especially when it includes innocent bystanders. “what the heck am i talking about”, you might ask?? well, i sorta almost drop-kicked Brit’s lil sis on the head tonight……yep. i was leaving her room, saw her lil sis on the recliner all peaceful and suddenly my body said “hey, lets play like we’re (yes, my body thinks in 3nd person) REALLY going to drop our leg on that peaceful lil girl trying to catch some Zzzzss..” so i go for it and as my leg drops my brain says to slow down but my body refuses to comply. and as my foot gets a foot above her temple i flash back to 4 years ago in Houston when Ryan was lying on a mattress and as i was walking down the stairs i thought it would be a neat idea to jump off of the 4th step and land my elbow in the middle of his back….i watched much wrestling back then…….needless to say the execution of the move was flawless and i landed right on his back…i thought that i broke his back…the guy only weights 110 lbs…Ryan would easily fit in with the folks in the holocaust..seriously, he’s that thin………of course he still gives me a guilt trip to this day about it. and immediately after that flashback my life flashes before my eyes and i then see Brit’s dad burrying me in the backyard.

BUT, my foot stopped in time and kt’s sleep wasn’t rudely interrupted. as for me, i think i pulled a quad muscle…serves me right. needless to say that i feel bad for almost landing my foot on kt’s head. i can do some really not-so-well-thoughtout things sometimes. i think that shall be the end of my acrobatic stunts. yet another example of my brain shutting down when im sleepy…the wiring upstairs just doesn’t work quite as well then……




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