Small World—Scottish Clans, Mottos, & Arms With Coats

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So I got a fun little email this morning. For the last several months I’ve been searching for a machinist to craft me a custom wax seal based off of a design I made on the computer, my family’s Coat of Arms from Scotland. Well I get an email this morning that says this little fun fact:

“Incidentally, you’re not the first Agnew to order from me – my favorite signet ring to date was your Clan Badge.”

It turns out that another Agnew had him custom design a signet ring with our Clan Badge. Given that “Agnew” is a very uncommon Scottish surname (and makes genealogy research a lot easier, mind you) that makes this more interesting. In the thumbnail below the wording at the top is “Consilio” which is Latin for “By Council”, whereas our full Clan Motto is “Consilio Non Impetu” which is Latin for “By Council, Not By Force.” Family history is such a blast.

What a fun and small world we live in, no?

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