Man’s Mind, Less Than Yahweh’s Mind

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“If Christ submitted to Scripture and lived His life under its authority, then we are faced with a stark choice. Either we believe Christ and embrace the entire Bible as our own absolute authority, or we reject both Christ and the Bible as impostors. The authority of one is inextricably bound up with the other.” ~ Pastor Don Landis, Community Bible Church

Article Link: Seven Compelling Evidences Confirm the Bible Is True

A great article here, and a wonderful quote of truth.

Whether I’m discussing with someone the truth of the 6 day creation account in Genesis or the fallacy of evolution, my thoughts are held captive by Scripture, always turning to this truth: My opinion is void, empty, and broken. What is and always will be truth is that the Lord’s mind it greater than my own, His thoughts are greater than my thoughts, and what He has written down is greater than any humanist reasoning or purported logic that my broken mind than can conjure up. It is so because the Lord says it is so. I do not need any other reason.

What does this do?

What I have found is that when you choose to surrender your mind to the Creator’s mind, your thoughts to His thoughts, and your ways to His ways in this most fundamental topic of creation then in your heart there is a breaking down of pride and self-importance. Suddenly you are sensitive to instruction from other areas of Scripture and the Lord can further transform you, because no longer is it about you and what you understand but only about what the Lord says.

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