Flying High, Far Below Heaven

Stephen Agnew Theology Leave a Comment

This sickens me. This is truly saddening. What a squandering of the money that the Lord has blessed them with and the donations that their followers have given to them. How many Bibles could’ve been purchased for the lost or real missionaries could’ve been financed to the lost ends of the Earth with the funds that one of these planes burns on just one trip?

Kenneth Copeland: “With the shape the airliners are in, we just couldn’t get there from here.”

Oh I don’t know, flying commercial—ya know, what us lowly village folk do—has worked out pretty well for Billy Graham for the last 60+ years and other missionaries for 2,000 years by boat, carriage, and on foot.

This is not the majority of pastors by the way, these elitist few are the extreme minority.

Just sad. Lost people are dying without Christ every minute, bound for Hell, while these jesters fly high in their private planes.


Televangelists Defending Their Private Jest (video)

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